Topographical Anglo-Saxon Map of Oxford


Map and text © Anglo-Saxon Oxfordshire, John Blair, 1994, Sutton Publishing Ltd, pp.87-88.

'A hidden but powerful influence on the Oxford crossing is the presence of two Roman roads, cutting obliquely across the Thames-Cherwell confluence and converging on Frilford to the south-west.
The more northerly served an extensive Roman settlement in the North Oxford area; the other left the Dorchester-Alchester road near Headington Quarry, crossed the Thames channels near modern Donnington Bridge and at Redbridge, and continued over Boars Hill. The Redbridge section partly survives as an ancient causeway; its small, spaced-out flood-arches resemble those of the Norman Grandpont, but they could just possibly be Roman. Somewhere near this point, the late Anglo-Saxon bounds of Kennington and Hinksey mention a 'stone ford' (stanford).'

See Iffley ('gifeteleah') underlined in red.