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Hotspot 25. Rose Hill

Rose Hill council estate was built after 1946 in response to two requests, from Oxford industrialists, for more workers' housing. After the losses of the second world war, they needed to bring in more manpower and to expand quickly. The estate filled up Iffley farmland towards Littlemore. Much of the housing was prefabricated, for speed, and upgraded later. Many families among the "incomers" were employed by the motor industry at Cowley works. In its early years, Rose Hill had main road communication with the city centre, but field and river at its back and traditional pedestrian routes to older neighbouring settlements. The Oxford Ring Road now roars round it, and the way to Littlemore only survives as a footbridge.

Of course the estate has had an impact. There has been theft and vandalism, but there has also been new blood for local activities. (See History, Modern Times).