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General Historical Accounts:
Origins of Bumps Racing in Oxford, very good. Earliest recorded row 1793, pleasure boating (to Sandford) till 1810. Eights - Etonian invention 1811. The university bumps originally started from Sandford, then in 1825, moved to the Iffley side of the lock.
Photo of bumping boats.
Explanation of the Bumps racing.
History of The Exeter College Boat Club, the first racing in Oxford was held between BNC and Jesus in 1815, the first record of Exeter joining in was in 1824, they rose to Head of the River.
On Oxfordshire:
Oxfordshire tradition of Aunt Sally: the General Elliott pub in South Hinksey has a special arena in the garden, 1 mile to 1 and 1/2 miles' walk across the rivers from Iffley.
History of St Edmund Hall, owned by the Rector of Iffley in the 13th C.
History of the Thames, one page, click Thames Path, then History.
Photo of flooded Park End St, 1875, Taunt.
On the founding of Iffley College, former name of Wolfson College.

Brewing. Article on Hook Norton Brewery, 'a time warp', unchanged for the last 150 years.
Sandford Lock: Article from 'The Link' , Sandford-on-Thames Newsletter, 1988, The Lock, one page history.

General Historical Accounts:
In England:
Photos of the Bayeux Tapestry.
Useful, about the Domesday Book, no actual copies of pages.
Dedicated to recreating the Anglo-Norman period, packed with historical information on various aspects. Search for 'Conquest', 'The Society of Anglo-Norman Living History'.
Educational website, history of England, Scotland, Wales.

National Local History Websites:
British Association for Local History.
Local History magazine site. Society listings and good research 'Links'.

Neighbouring Local History Society Websites:
Faringdon. Good site, plenty of information. Click 'Maps' then 'Town Map' for good interactive map of Faringdon.
Cowley Local History Society, brief history, includes the production of the Mini car.
Sandford -on-Thames Home Page, includes a little history.
Kidlington & District Historical Society, one page on the history of Kidlington.
Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society. See lecture and excursion programme. They keep a small library at the Ashmolean.
The Wychwood Forest. One interesting page.

Information on eels, one illustration. (Common fish of the tidal Thames).
Natural History of the Thames.

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